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Zimbabweans living in South Africa

Surveys confirm that 46.6% of Zimbabweans receive financial assistance from family living abroad. For Zimbabweans living in South Africa it costs on average 13.83%* to transfer money back home and only 25% have access to these services due to regulatory requirements. AMA.ZING is revolutionising the money transfer business by giving Zimbabweans access to purchase products and services in Zimbabwe for FREE.

Now all Zimbabweans, both banked and unbanked living in South Africa, are able to, not only enjoy FREE purchases but will also, enjoy greater control over the money they spend.

Users that elect the Gold membership option will also enjoy 12 months FREE Life Insurance cover, EARN Cashback rewards and EARN FREE additional life insurance cover on all qualifying purchases. For Example, members will EARN 2% on Airtime, 5% on Insurance and 1% on Electricity purchases in CashBack rewards FREE of any transaction fees. In addition, Zing will contribute $200 in FREE Life Insurance cover for a nominated family member in Zimbabwe for all members that spend $50 or more.

Money Transfer Fees
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Enjoy our AMA.ZING features


  • BUY Airtime for anyone for FREE

  • BUY Electricity for anyone for FREE

  • BUY Insurance for anyone for FREE

  • SEND AMA.ZING coins to anyone for FREE



PAY BILLS in Zimbabwe. Simply enter the company name, bank name, bank account number, your reference number and the amount. Confirm your coin redemption and GO!


Send AMA.ZING coins to any AMA.ZING member for FREE.



Select Gold membership and GET free life insurance cover for 12 months PLUS FREE CashBack rewards on all qualifying transactions that you BUY PLUS you GET Free additional Life cover when you spend $50.00 or more in a month.


Share your own unique PROMO code and EARN AMA.ZING coins when people join AMA.ZING. You will EARN 50 AMA.ZING coins for each member that joins on your PROMO code, 1% when they BUY Airtime and more!


Download the AMA.ZING android APP. All you need to register is a mobile number. NO Identity Document, NO Passport details and NO proof of address. Purchase AMA.ZING coins in CASH or by Bank Card - you choose!

What are AMA.ZING Coins?

As a Diaspora member you may purchase AMA.ZING coins at one of 7,000 retail points in cash or simply link your existing bank card and pay online. Each coin is worth US$0.01.

Coins are exchanged for products and services, used to pay bills and may be transferred from one member to another.

Gold members will enjoy CashBack rewards in coins on all qualifying transactions.

Simply download the AMA.ZING Android APP, Register, select your FREE or Gold membership option and purchase your first coins. NO ID, NO proof of address needed.

Membership Options //

Diaspora membership options

Free membership

$0.00 FREE - No Cost

Sign up for FREE - no monthly membership fees.


  • BUY products in real-time for FREE, PAY bills in Zimbabwe using coins and

  • SEND coins to any other AMA.ZING member for FREE.

  • Enjoy control over what your BUY, PAY and SEND.


Compliments of AMA.ZING

The AMA.ZING team will add $200 to your life insurance benefits in the month following the month when you spend $50.00 or more on qualifying transactions.

Upgrade: Members may upgrade to Gold at anytime.

Gold membership

$5.00 Per Year


  • $200 FREE Life Insurance cover for a loved one in Zimbabwe for 12 months PLUS

  • EARN CashBacks on all purchases.

For example: Spend $50 on Airtime and Electricity and get $0.75 in CaskBack coin rewards PLUS $200 FREE life cover from AMA.ZING for a month.


Compliments of AMA.ZING

The AMA.ZING team will add $200 to your life insurance benefits in the month following the month when you spend $50.00 or more on qualifying transactions.

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