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Zing Cornerstone Cover Terms & Conditions

Updated: 2018-09-12

Accident means an unforeseeable event that occurs, which, in a violent, external and visible manner, independently of any other cause, directly results in the death of the Life Assured;
Agent means an approved agent or representative of the Insurer who is authorised to assist Members with insurance matters, including Claims;
Beneficiary means the person and/ or entity nominated by the Member to receive the Cover in the event the death of a Life Assured by Accident or from Natural Causes.
There can only be one (1) nominated Beneficiary per Policy;
Claim means an application for compensation under the terms of the Policy;
Claimant means the person making Claim under the Policy;
Commencement Date means the day of the date from which the Life Assured receives the Cover;
Cover refers to term life assurance and means a sum assured amount, payable to the Beneficiary upon the death of a Life Assured;
Exclusions means the Claims for which the Insurer will not approve. These include the following causes of death:
  1. A Claim on the life of a person who is not a registered Life Assured on the Policy; or

  2. In the event of the death by suicide (whether sane or insane), the Policy shall be void and all premiums paid shall be forfeited; or

  3. Any violation of criminal law by the Main Member; or

  4. Willful exposure to danger by the Life Assured except to save human life; or

  5. War invasion, enemy hostilities, commotion, insurrection, revolution, or the usurping of power or any act of any person acting on behalf of or about any organization with activities directed towards the overthrow by force of the government de jure or de facto or to the influencing of it by terrorism or violence; or

  6. Consumption of alcohol above the legal limit, or the intentional inhalation of fumes, consumption of poisons, drugs or narcotics, except as prescribed by a qualified medical practitioner; or

  7. A fraudulent or dishonest Claim;

Grace Period means a period of two weeks from the date when the Cover expires provided the policy has renewed for 3 (three) continuous months;
ID means any official identification document accepted by the Territory national registry department or which the Insurer accepts for identification purposes;
Insurer means Zing Microinsurance Company (Pvt) Ltd. with registration No 3407/2016, which is a registered and approved Zimbabwean microinsurance business with license number M00000001;
Life Assured means a person whose life is covered on the Policy and who is related in marriage (whether traditional, civil or religious) or in blood or through adoption to the Main Member;
Main Member means a person who is the main life assured on the Policy;
Month means each of the twelve named periods into which a year is divided, for example January, February, March, etc.;
Natural Causes is one that is primarily attributed to an illness or an internal malfunction of the body not directly influenced by external forces such as accident or homicide, but excluding the Exclusions set out in these terms and conditions;
Payer means a person who can be the Main Member and has contractually agreed to pay the Premium on the Policy;
Policy Payer means a document detailing the terms and conditions of the insurance contract and which details the Life Assured and the Cover amounts that can be claimed upon the death of a Life Assured;
Premium means the insurance premium paid by the Main Member for the required Cover;
Regulator means the Insurance and Pensions Commission (IPEC), which is a statutory body established in terms of the Insurance and Pensions Commission Act [Chapter 24:21] in the Territory, to regulate the insurance and pensions industry;
Term means the period for which the Cover will apply. Minimum period must be 1 (one) month.
Territory means the Republic of Zimbabwe;
Waiting Period means the two (2) months from the first Commencement Date when a Claim based on Natural Cause will be approved by the Insurer. Before this, the Insurer will only pay Accident claims;
  1. COVER
    1. Life Assured will be covered instantly from the moment Cover is purchased and for the Term of the Policy. Thereafter, the Cover will expire, but can be renewed instantly by the Main Member on the AMA.ZING Application.

    2. The Insurer will notify Main Members via their preferred communication method:

      1. Two (2) days ahead of the expiry of their Cover; and

      2. Whenever their Policy details have changed.

    1. Any misrepresentation or non-disclosure by the Main Member may result in the Policy being cancelled and the Claim rejected by the Insurer.

    2. Any fraudulent act used to process a Claim by the Claimant on the Policy may result in the Policy being cancelled and the Claim rejected by the Insurer.

    3. The Policy only offers pre-paid Cover and so the Premium must be paid up for the Insurer to be in any position to approve the Claim. All Claims will be approved if the Premium is paid within the Grace Period.

    4. The Waiting Period does not apply on the Main Member. The Waiting Period will apply for all other Life Assureds.

    5. The Insurer will not approve a Claim submitted where the cause of death is covered under the Exclusions.

    6. You can notify a Claim by sending an SMS with the ID number of the deceased to +263 71 900 0777 and our AMA.ZING Call Centre will call you back or you can contact our AMA.ZING Call Centre directly on: +263 71 970 7070. In order to complete a Claim, Claimants must submit the following documents to the following WhatsApp number +263 774 870 044:

      1. Death Certificate of the deceased; and

      2. Identity document.

      3. Police Report of the circumstances outlining how the deceased passed away (only in the event that the life assured did not die from natural causes (e.g. Accident)

    7. All Claim cases are logged the moment we are notified of the Claim and are voice recorded to ensure quality and each case follows a service tracking process to ensure we meet our promise of paying you your Claim in under 60 minutes of receiving the required documents.

    8. All valid claims will be paid into your AMA.ZING mobile money account within seconds of our Call Agent approving your case.

    9. The Insurer shall endeavour to approve a Claim and process the benefit payment within 90 (ninety) minutes provided the Main Member has registered the Beneficiary and all the Life Assureds on the Policy.

    10. The Insurer has the right to reject a Claim if the Life Assured date of birth details are invalid or in the case where the Life Assured is not a valid family member of the Main Member or his/her spouse.

    11. No provision in any will or testament will have the effect of varying the Beneficiary registered against the Policy. If the Beneficiaries have died or where the Main Member has not registered a Beneficiary then the Claimant will be required to submit valid proof that they are the valid beneficiary of the estate of the deceased before the Insurer will approve and process the payment.

  3. QUERY
    1. On your personal mobile phone send an SMS with your ID number to the following number +263 719 707 070.

    2. The Insurer’s call centre will call you back to resolve your query.

    1. Complaints can be emailed to the Insurer:; or

    2. Complaints can be directed to the Regulator by visiting their website:, where they have outlined the complaints process.